Idowu is a creative extraordinaire who believes so much in excellence in all he finds himself doing. He is a software engineer, graphics designer, tech-business strategist, and a cryptocurrency researcher. He has developed and managed multiple digital works. He has written a number of books which includes “25 Viable Home-Based Products” and “The Profitable Blogger”. He was one-time a consultant at KH Solutions and now a Senior Consultant at Inspirate Solutions. He is the founder and co-developer.
Solomon is an exceptional and amazing counselor who seeks to invest in the life of youths. He strongly believes in team work and is also goal oriented. He has been involved in several projects. He has worked as a human resource manager in various organizations. He is an expert communicator and has displayed a great height of professionalism in mass media over the years. He is the one in charge of publicity in the team.
Olatunde is a proactive financial innovationist and a sportsman. He is a trained financial manager. An experienced business consultant; he has worked for a number of firms. At leisure, he plays basketball and love making great photos. He is found worthy to be part of the team because he has a great capability of managing finances and he is the financial analyst.
Ibrahim is a passionate youth activist; he loves to help youth become what they need to be. He is an author, a motivational speaker and a computer scientist. He is the author of “…and still I rise” and “The bitterness and beauties of life”. He is the founder and president of “Nation Reformers and Builders Children Foundation” and “Career Developers and Dream Achievers Foundation”. He done many project personally and as a team member. He is in this team as a co-developer and project officer.
All the members of this team are passionate about humans and development in their physical and social lives; this was what brought about the idea of the project and the vision. We are also very mindful of our reputation in all we do because we know its worth.