The currency for the future of business!
Solves the problem of International money transfer!!
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"The idea behind RenewCash makes it the most visionary and potentially most profitable digital currency."
Jimoh S. A.
J. S. Mosco Fashion

Currently on Sale

Buy RenewCash (RNC tokens) Buy RenewCash (RNC tokens) with Naira, USD + Other Countries Currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Litecoin or Cash transfer and get up to 65% bonus

1 RNC is currently ₦1500

You can buy as low as ₦100 (0.04 RNC)

What RenewCash can do for you

Global coverage
Automated withdraw to bank
Opportunities for more wealth
Opportunities for business successes
Access your money anywhere, anytime

Brief About RenewCash

RenewCash is a currency accepted globally to easily interface with businesses world wide

fall in love with our features


A website solution for showcasing your products and services & collect payments from clients.


A comprehensive Global Business Community for all businesses (Producers/Services providers).

Open Market

The largest open market globally for unlimited buying and selling activities.


Completely uncensored Secure High speed transaction + bulk/multiple payments feature.


a Business startup fund given to a business owner to fund his/her business/idea

Business Ideas

Buying and selling all sorts of Ideas that are profitable.

Why should I buy RenewCash

It is the next big thing for your business/idea
It’s price control feature it does not decrease in value
It is on exchanges already
It is used to anchor several opportunities
It is the simplest currency to interface with globally