RenewCash is the RenewNet currency alongside the RenewFirm and it shall be in used for all transactions on RenewNet and RenewFirms.
The RenewNet platform features shall include Sales of knowledge and ideas (Exclusive and public), Freelance services, Investing in businesses, Direct Partnership with RenewNet, Open Market, RNC Trading, Forum, Biz Cash, among other. It shall not be stagnant; more features will be added when necessary.
The targeted audience are Entrepreneurs and Investor; SME owners, writers, investors seeking to get shares, intellectuals, freelancers, cryptocurrency traders, forex traders, traders, idea banks, people who are planning to start a business oriented firms, people who are looking forward to be any of this categories
The RenewFirm is shall be a ready-made solution for any firm who wishes to build a website that has to do with transactions or that will require collection of cash. There is provision for businesses to easily own their own independent platform, it shall be used by client to achieve a completely integrated business/e-commerce platform with a lot of features and flexibilities. The Web solution shall be in diversity.

RenewCash! The incredibly profitable currency

The RenewNet is a platform is driving at an ultimate user friendliness, users can easily navigate and get their thing done within the community and make required money/profits. All a user needs to do is choose a soothing investment/product/service on the platform and get his/her transaction done. The platforms (RenewNet and RenewFirm) are simple to understand and navigate, also the RenewNet community is built with rules that make sure everyone in the community is possitive within the platform and this is towards a sustainable community.
This is the first combined business-tech platform visioned towards business especially using the blockchain technology. You satisfy your client at your own pace, your client sits back and get what he wants at his desired time.

This solution will not only help receive payments, it can also be used to send payments and it will cover all accounting necessities for any business that uses it; such necessities includes generating receipts, tracking payments, payment records keeping among others.
RenewFirm Web builder shall be a platform that can be used for creating business/ecommerce websites without need for hosting
RenewFirm Web Script shall be an open-source script that can be hosted.
RenewFirm Plugins: There will be plugins for popular open source scripts such as WordPress and Joomla to attain a fully integrated business/e-commerce website.
There shall be add-ons for popular plugins such as WooCommerce and VirtualMart to for using RNC tokens as a payment option.
There will be API available for other script users for accepting RNC tokens as a means of payment.

RenewCash is a Currency with a vision and the vision is to have a create opportunities to make money and without been employed making the users an employer or a freelancer.
RenewNet is in the hands of experienced development team. RenewNet is bringing the blockchain technology into freelance services and manufacturing as well as helping to provide startup funds to stranded supposed entrepreneurs who lack capital or need more funds to make the business of their dreams.