The following are going to be featured on the RenewNet platform
Sales of knowledge and ideas
The RenewNet platform will allow users who have intellectual properties for sale to get them sold on the platform (i.e. RenewNet). Such Intellectual properties may include business ideas, invention/innovative ideas and other tangible ideas.
Also, sales of knowledge can also be done, knowledge in this context may include how to cure a disease, how to prevent/revert, how to cook some dishes, how to start something, etc.
This section of the platform shall allow sellers to choose either to sell it to just one bidder or to everyone who wants it a pre-defined price. There will be valuation for submitted ideas/knowledge so as to know if they are qualified to be sold on RenewNet and at the defined price. There will be seller/buyer satisfaction survey after each transaction, which will help other sellers/buyer to make right decisions during subsequent transactions.
Freelance services
Freelance services section of the platform allows users with different skills to serve people who needs their services, the freelancer can choose to either have fixed price for each service or allow bargain. Users who needs such services Service rendering firms can register their businesses in Freelance services and have service description page for each of their services. (i.e. there will be individual tab and corporate tab).
When any freelance agreement reached, the customer will release the cash but it will be released to the freelancer when the customer has approved that the work was done properly, if not properly done, the freelancer is expected to redo the work to satisfy the customer, once the customer satisfaction is confirmed, the cash will be released to the freelancer.
Satisfaction review shall take place after every freelance transaction. This review shall be a 2-way thing; the freelancer will write a complete a review survey on the customer to know how much he’s satisfied with the customer. The customer too will complete a review survey on the freelancer to tell how satisfied he/she is with the service offered.
Biz Cash
Biz cash is an interest free business startup loan. The sum of $5,000 worth of RNC tokens will be given to anyone who is qualified for the loan. To be qualified, you need to signify during the Verification process. Once you are verified, you have automatically join the queue of the Biz Cash.
The RNC tokens given can be used to get everything the proposed business needs ready, the user can get to buy some of the required assets for his/her business startup within the RenewNet platform if he/she wishes. Let’s say AAA Ltd is granted Biz Cash, and the business focus is cargo transportation, and the needed assets for startup includes cars, tables, land, software, etc. AAA Ltd can choose to buy cars and table from the open market of the RenewNet, get a freelancer from RenewNet to design the needed software and trade the remaining RNC tokens in the RNC trading section to the currency they need to use to get the land and other things.
The speed of getting the Biz cash is dependent on the growth of the RenewNet platform; growth in this sense is simply growth in number of members and transactions carried out. The loan will require the user to complete some certain criteria such as completing and submitting the Biz cash business details, completing the Biz Cash Loan form, passing the simple business examination (75% is the pass mark; the examination has two section, the general business section and business specific session), must have history of credibility on the RenewNet platform (this will be determined through 100% testimony of at least 5 reviews given by other members in the satisfaction review), among others.
Biz Cash is refundable within 2 years either all at once or gradually as the business moves.
Note: 1% interest will be paid by users who seek to pay after 2 years, 2.2% after 3 years, 3.5% after 4 years and 5% after 5 years. A user cannot hold Biz Cash for more than 5 years.
Investing in Biz partners’ businesses
A Biz partner is a business that has been financed by RenewNet via Biz Cash. On the RenewNet platform, users can invest in RenewNet partners’ businesses. The investment shall be on the basis that the business wishes to have investors and an investor wishes to invest in such business. For example, XYZ Enterprise; a Biz partner to RenewNet see the need to have investors; they simply fill the investors request form which will generate a SHARES page for the business, investors can go through the page in order to decide to invest in that business or not. The investment shall be in form of buying shares, so an investor knows what he’s gaining if the firm makes profit. To ascertain transparency, the transaction of any business that seeks investment shall be tracked on the open market, also it is opened to only verified members.
Auto-Invest for interested partners
Businesses that seeks investors can be automatically assigned investment RNCs from the deposited investment RNCs of people who seek Auto Invest such investor shall be notified once his/her investment RNCs has been invested in a business, the expected income will be included in the notification. Since the RNCs investment is automatic, the dividend will be sent automatically too once it is released by the business.
Contract Partnership
Contract partners are people/businesses who wishes to offer a service/services to the RenewNet community for a period of time. Such partners can propose to serve a need for the community by writing a proposal based on the need discovered. The proposal will be reviewed and if accepted, it shall be regarded as a contract which shall be signed by both parties if agreement is reached. An example is transportation of traded goods, a partner may see that need and write a proposal concerning it stating how he/she/they will operate in carrying out the service; let say AAA Ltd. apply to be the official cargo transporter of the RenewNet within the United States, the application will be reviewed by admin and AAA Ltd. will need to contact the admin to sign the agreement stating the time range they want to serve the RenewNet and the cost of their services. Let’s say an agreement was reach and a five-year contract was sign, for the period of that five years, AAA Ltd. will be integrated on the RenewNet platforms as the official US-based Cargo Transporter and any member who trade transportable items can use the official transport system for their delivery and the payment for the service will be paid to AAA Ltd. via the platform.
Externalized Services
There are provisions for services in RenewNet platform to function on other platforms; such services are services that can be relevant to those platforms, an example is the contract partnership; if a RenewNet contract partner’s service is required by another platform, such platform can get such a service integrated on their platform. Let say someone on the RenewNet platform wishes to use the AAA as the official Cargo transporter of an external platform that belongs to him/her, RenewNet will provide an API for integrating that service on the platform that requests for it with the consent of AAA Cargo transporters.
Open Market
Where people can trade with RNC without admin interference. Trading firms can register their businesses in Open market and have product page (showroom) for each of their products. There will be three types of listing in the open market; Individual sales, corporate products and Biz partners’ products. Users can search for items listed in the open market and the location of the seller will be part of the product description.
Individual sales can include used items and individually made products. Corporate products are products of a corporate entity, a corporate entity is recognized only when duly registered as a corporate entity on the platform under the owners account, staffs of the firm that are users of RenewNet can also be connected to the business on the RenewNet platform. Once the firm is registered as a corporate entity, the firm is entitled to a business page.
Biz partner products are products of Biz partners; they work on the Open market as corporate entities and their product in the open market simply carries the “Biz Partner” tag.
Contract partners can enhance the trading experience in the open market by offering to provide services that will improve the market.
RNC Trading
RenewCash (RNC) is the currency used on the RenewNet platform, therefore there is a section where people can buy and sell RNC for bank cash i.e. USD, NGN, etc. into bank accounts of any country as far as the agreement can be reached) among themselves; sellers place their ad for buyers to see and request trade). Trade on this page is without admin interference. There will be integrated service to ensure smooth trading.